The exhibition section is dedicated to Nature and offers a series of stunning photographs which will give the visitors the sensation of walking along the paths of the Natural Reserve. Each natural environment is “fixed” in its main characteristics in several panels. We can imagine walking through the Reserve on a spring day, smelling the perfume of a thousand budding flowers. We can see the rocky profile of the Rocca and understand its origins, see the animals living there, the rare orchids and the Mediterranean shrubs and trees, the cultivated farmlands and their stories.

The first floor is dedicated to the nature of Rocca with panels and two scale reproductions, one showing the present condition of the natural Reserve, the various footpaths and cycling tracks, the other a reconstruction of the castle in its full medieval structure, which, given the privileged location, dominates the lower end of the lake. Its closeness to the main roads and waterways has been very important since prehistoric times and the reason why people chose this area to settle in such a long time ago. Some of the trees species have been growing here since prehistoric times and are preserved among the charred remains of ritual offerings found on the burial grounds of the Copper Age of Riparo Valtenesi. They are still growing in the park and are very decorative.

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